Social Intelligence in Humans and Robots

Workshop ICRA 2021 - June 4th

Social intelligence is at the core of both human and artificial intelligence. From a young age, humans can understand, interact, collaborate, and communicate with each other. Most of what we learn is taught by others, or learned in a social context. Thus, a truly intelligent AI agent should be able to understand and work with humans as well as other AI agents.

This workshop focuses on the challenges and developments in building AI systems equipped with social intelligence, and leverages theories and insights from studies of human social intelligence for achieving such goals. In particular, the workshop will explore what it would take for machines to:

  1. Understand the behaviors and mental states of humans
  2. Engage in rich and complex interactions with humans
The workshop will bring together experts from cognitive science and developmental psychology to better understand the principles and origins of human social intelligence, and experts from AI and Robotics, to discuss how to engineer socially intelligent artificial agents, and how these paradigms can be deployed in both virtual and real scenarios.

Speakers and Panelists

Anca Dragan

UC Berkeley

J. Kiley Hamlin

University of British Columbia

Dorsa Sadigh

Stanford University

Rebecca Saxe

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Brian Scasselati

Yale University



Tianmin Shu

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Xavier Puig

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Shuang Li

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Andreea Bobu

UC Berkeley

Shari Liu

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mengxi Li

Stanford University

Sanja Fidler

University of Toronto, NVIDIA

Antonio Torralba

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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